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Driven by our passion for red thoroughbreds, after over twenty years of experience in sports cars and classic cars, we have decided to open a showroom in Maranello, the city that has seen the birth of every Ferrari and Mecca for all car enthusiasts.

Gabriele Candrini

A pure blood Modenese, grew up around engines and among the flavors of his mom Nicoletta’s cuisine. The family passion for cars dates far back, from his grandfather Mario and his dad Rossano, friends of Enzo Ferrari in a Modena now lost in time. Many thoroughbreds have passed through Gabriele’s home, from the 250, 330 and 166 coupé Ferraris to the 246, 308 GT4, 512BB, 288GTO and F40 Ferraris. Then the only four-door Ferrari - a Pinin - and the Maserati A6G 54 Zagato. At the age of 13, his dad taught him to drive on Sunday mornings in the industrial area of Modena on a Ferrari Testarossa (thrilling!). Gabriele has more than two decades of experience in the car business, as a dealer for Bugatti, Lotus and Maserati cars, as well as classic cars and racing cars. He has a passion for classic cars and automobilia.

Paul Kopp

With a mother from Modena and a father from New York state, a Navy man, Paul lived his early years as all Navy brats do - across the globe. At 15 he yearned to return to his roots in Modena and to study there. Ferrari was decisive in this desire since Paul’s teen dream was to be a racing driver. He had his way and went to Modena and though he never became a racer, he managed to catch a glimpse of Enzo Ferrari several times in his favorite barber shop. Fashion was instead Paul’s future and he moved from the car capital to the fashion capital, Milan, where he worked as a talent scout in top model agencies, including his own. Paul discovered future stars by traveling to every big city and tiny village around the world for nearly 30 years. After a career surrounded by beautiful women, he has turned his attention once again to his native passion for fancy cars. A saying in Italy goes: “Donne e motori, gioie e dolori” (Women and cars, joys and sorrows). So now the car scouting adventure has begun and will hopefully bring more joys than sorrows!


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